After the success in China which began in 2006 and in several other member countries, the International Youth Football Competition and Youth, DREAMS COME TRUE YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE – China will be held for the first time on the island of Bali - Indonesia under the name INDONESIA DREAMS COME TRUE CUP.

This International Competition will be held with 6 age groups (U8, U9, U10, U11, U12 and U15) with a target of 72 teams from all age groups with ± 19 countries invited to participate.

In the first year of its implementation in Indonesia, that will be followed by other invited countries under the DREAMS COME TRUE YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE – CHINA, , it is hoped that this competition will gradually develop more which will at the same time there be a broader cultural exchange, sports and sport tourism through the INDONESIA DREAMS COME TRUE CUP 2020 Competition.

Indonesia as the host, invited all participants who participated in this competition to enjoy the beauty island of Bali which is known as the Island of the Gods.

The INDONESIA DREAMS COME TRUE CUP 2020 is expected to further expand the success of the DREAMS COME TRUE football competition in the world on going forward.

The biggest hope is to be able to compete as much as possible the Junior Soccer Teams (grassroots) from countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, America and Africa through the activities of this Tournament.


Organizer: Dreams Come True – Indonesia, Ikon Simpul Indonesia

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